Columbia Masonic District

We would like to welcome all the visitors to the website for the Columbia Masonic District.

The District Team hopes this website will allow a freer flow of information not only to the Brothers but from the Brothers. Please check out the calendar to see the events and the district as well as at the Grand Lodge level. You can also link to both the Grand Lodge website and the NETNews.

We encourage our Brothers to share this information with Brothers without internet access. If you would like to receive an e-mail when the website is updated please send us an e-mail using the link provided.

Also be sure to check out the pages for the individual lodges to see what is going on around the district. We have tried to keep the site graphics simple for those who use dial-up connections and concentrate on quality content.

District Officers
R.·. W.·.Charles J. Fox (Aylish)  - District Deputy Grand Master
126 County Rt 27, Copake, NY, 12516-1412

(R) (518)-329-299

(C) (518)-821-5414


R.·. W.·. Cornelius J. Hageman ( Geraldine)  - Grand Steward
3500 State Route 9G Germantown, N.Y. 12526

(H) (518)-537-5363


V.·. W.·. George W. Warnefeld  (Sharon) – Assistant Grand Lecturer
PO Box 211 Tivoli, NY, 12583
(R) (845)-757-5951